The Art Book Fair

The London  ArtBook Fair


I went to The Art Book Fair at Whitechapel  Gallery today. The fair presents great artist books, zines, and other publications. It was great opportunity that I could feel and touch the texture of the books, and also ask some questions about the books or zines to artists. I found a lot of wonderful books at there, but "Best Before End" by Stephen Gill caught my eye. 


Best Before End


All of his books were unique and interesting, but especially Best Before End was outstanding. I have never seen photographs like that, and it was shocked to me since the pictures were beautiful. His works were artistic and made me consider a possibility of photos. Not only capture a moment, but photographs can also be beautiful art material.

"The colour negative films were part processed and soaked in energy drink, which caused image shifts and disruptions and softened the film emulsion. The softening allowed for manual stretching, moving, tearing and distortion of the layers of film emulsion to take place, and further manual shifts were added with a soft brush whilst the emulsion was still pliable(DONLON BOOKS)."

Small Publishers Fair 2015


Today, I went to the small publishers Fair 2015 at Conway Hall. Since the fair at the White chapel was outstanding, I decided to go to the fair at the Conway. Then I found some amazing small publishers, Altazimuth Press, Equus Press, Mark Pawson/Disniforainment, Tony Hayward. (Participants 2015

I looked around every publishers over 3 times, and decided to get a book and a transfer sticker. 

”Had The Tutu appeared when it was written in 1891 it would have been one of the defining works of late nineteenth-century French literature. Juan Goytisolo is among its admirers, and noted that: “The Tutu has been described as the most mysterious novel of the nineteenth century, it is probably one of the strangest, and certainly one of the most fascinating… We find in it a clear presentiment (one cannot say influence, since no one read this book) of the audacities of Jarry, Roussel, Breton, Ionesco and Queneau…””(Atlas Press)

The beautiful cover of the book caught my eyes. The combinations of the wired photograph, color, and textile are amazing. I always choose books from its covers first, next read outline, and if I like both the cover and the outline, I will buy the book. According to the outline, TUTU is "the strangest novel of the nineteenth century". After I finished read the outline, a publisher told me "this book has not been published because the writer went to a prison before publish the book." I thought I need to buy this book, and I bought the book with my little money that I had. Literature is part of arts, and this book probably give me a new perspective of literature/art. 

I also got magic transfer sticker since I am a collector of stickers. I do not like mass produced sticker; I like handmade, and something has personal meaning or characteristic stickers. This one is the handmade sticker, and each of them has different personality. This one was not the best piece, but I chose this one since spreading yellow color on the top right corner one caught my eyes.  

I collected almost every shop cards at the fair. Each of them using different papers and the textures of the papers are interesting.  From the card, I can tell what kind of books they are selling. My favorite card is Heather Prescott's card. I like the delicate illustration with beautiful gradation color and texture of the paper match to the illustration. 


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